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The Ban ObOun dog shelter, situated in the province of Uthai Thani (280 km north of Bangkok, Thailand) was founded in 2008 by two women, who had been caring for stray dogs in the capital city for over 10 years: Michèle Bise, a Swiss expat from Fribourg, who worked for a local hotel group, and Sombut Singkaew from Uthai Thani, a teacher.

Two employees live permanently at the shelter and are supervised by Sombut, who not only takes care of logistics and the maintenance of the infrastructures, but also keeps watch over the general state of health of the entire pack of dogs, by administering their daily ration of medicine .

Michèle, who works in Bangkok, comes every weekend and with her drive, her passion and devotion to the cause, contributes to the well-being and contentment of all the members of the large Ban ObOun family.

The Association THE SWISS FRIENDS OF THE BAN OBOUN DOG SHELTER IN THAILAND was founded on March 19 2013 in Epalinges (Switzerland) to support the projects of the shelter and to create a network of supporters.

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Our Mission

Ban ObOun , which means « loving home » has as its mission to take in and to look after sick or wounded dogs found on the streets (victims of road accidents or abuse by their owners) and give them a permanent home in which they receive proper care and affection.

Throughout Thailand, street dogs, estimated at around 400,000 in Bangkok alone, are considered unworthy of human attention. Despised, abused, thrown out and very often poisoned, most of them lack the most basic rights; the right to be fed and to receive appropriate care. At worst, they are rounded up by local authorities, or sold into the scandalous dog meat trade which is rampant in the east of the country, towards the Laotian and Vietnamese borders.

The association THE SWISS FRIENDS OF THE BANOBOUN DOG SHELTER IN THAILAND defends the cause of stray dogs and contributes to creating public awareness so that street dogs obtain the same rights as any dog.

The shelter provides refuge for around 140 dogs, but there are many others who are not that lucky!


This haven of peace for dogs is the result of 10 years of dedication.
Through daily care, vaccinations, sterilisations, and feeding, the fate of stray dogs in a district of Bangkok was transformed. However, the need for a more suitable and secure area became essential to allow them to live in dignity, far away from the dangers of the streets.

Sombut, owner of over 4000 square metres of land in her native province of Uthai Thani, decided in 2007 to make it available free of charge to build a dog shelter. This space in the middle of nature was the ideal place to build an adequate infrastructure.

In 2007, Dominique Brustlein, a friend of animals, enthusiastically supported the construction of the shelter and is the president of the Association of the Friends of Ban ObOun.

The original structure was comprised of two large buildings surrounding a central recreational area, and a house for the caretakers.


Since it became operational, the shelter has kept expanding with the construction of side boxes for old dogs, the extension and strengthening of the roof, and the installation of gutters as well as the construction of an outer enclosure.


Officially inaugurated on November 2, 2010, Ban ObOun has become a unique example of a shelter for our four-legged friends and a pilot project whose goal is to ensure the survival and respect for the stray dogs of Thailand.

Sarah Marquis

Le refuge Ban ObOun a l’honneur d’avoir pour marraine depuis 2015 la célèbre exploratrice, auteur et speaker suisse, Sarah Marquis, qui parcourt le monde en marchant depuis plus de 20 ans au travers d’expéditions incroyables qui l’emmène au delà de nos frontières découvrir les endroits les plus sauvages de notre planète.


Matthieu Ricard, buddhist mon

Since the 16th February 2015, our foundation is being sponsored by a great man: Matthieu Ricard, buddhist monk, photograph and famous author.
Truly honored by this wonderful new, we would like to share with you a personal message from Matthieu Ricard: « the geniality against all sensible beings, animals included, is an essential component of a coherent ethic and an impartial compassion towards all sensible beings. From the bottom of my heart, I am very happy about the initiative of the Ban ObOun shelter to take care of stray dogs. »
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